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Situra Berries by Riboo Situra Berries by Riboo

Situra Berries

How you get it:
 Through NPC quests

Item description:   Situra Berries grow in a fine, cottony like plant that grow wildly along the country side of Evito and can be trained to climb up the side of buildings and wrap around fench posts do to their clinging vines. They are harvested for both their berries which are extremely sour when eaten raw, yet become a lot more flavorful once boiled down, making them a favorite for candies, which often give Tuftlings that boost of hyper energy. The cotton surrounding it is collected in large stores and often made into clothing (Given how versatile Situra plants can be in coloration) once the berries are carefully loosed from their folds, which is known to protect them from the harsh elements of the open wilds. 

Item Use:  (Item only usable once you have a Potion Brewing Title you must have at least 5 Brewing items to earn a Potion Brewing Title) 
  • Brew: Once you've gotten the Potion Brewing Title, you may brew several different potions, as long as you have the ingredients to make them, each potion has a different waiting time before it will be ready for you to use. 
  • Stir: Every once and a while you must stir your potion in order to ensure that the ingredients are meshing together well, this is something that needs to be actively done by the one brewing, otherwise your brew will not be ready by the time its normally supposed to be!
  • Bottle: Once your potion has finished brewing, you need a potion bottle in order to store it and take it where it needs to be, these specialized bottles are used over most other containers as they won't lose their potency! 
  • Pour: Once you've finished with your potion, you might want to use it right away! Each potion has a different use, so read them carefully to get the desired effect.

Disclaimer: Per usual, items are non transferable between you and other players, your earnings are your own. 

Tuftusks and Yeks are closed species owned by Riboo please do not make your own
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These are simply amazing!!!
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You're welcome!
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